GOP Sheriff Candidates: Mark Howell

Published 9:09 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why did you decide to run for public office?

Howell: I felt that being a Davie County native and having 39 years of law enforcement service, that I was well qualified for the job. I did a lot of talking with my family and friends when considering and finally made the decision to run for the office of Sheriff. I consider myself a public servant and I felt that I wanted to serve the people of Davie County.

What is the No. 1 need within the sheriff’s department and how do you plan to meet that need?

Howell: There definitely needs to be stability in the leadership of the Sheriff’s Office. I feel that the officers need to know that their leaders have the knowledge and experience to do their job and to lead them in the right direction. I plan to work closely with the officers and see what may be lacking in their training. Then, if there needs to be changes in leadership, then that will happen. There will be proper training given to those in need to help better themselves within the job. I would want every deputy to be able to do their job to the best of their ability.

What do you consider the main duties of a sheriff?

Howell: By state law, the Sheriff’s Office has only 3 things they must do: the serving of civil papers; the security of the courthouse; the maintaining of the county jail.

With this said, there are many other duties that the Sheriff’s Office employees do on a daily basis which are all very essential to the county. All positions will be looked at to see if that person is doing the job efficiently, if they need additional training or are possibly better suited for a different position. I want to make sure that all calls and traffic stops are handled correctly and in a professional and timely manner. I feel that with doing these things that the county would be a safer and friendlier place. It would also help the Sheriff’s Office and all of it’s employees to be more respected.

Other Issues

Howell: I will work closely with the school system to provide the information and manpower to combat school safety issues. With that said, I would be proposing to put a school resource officer in each school in the county. I would aggressively work with the ongoing drug problem and property crimes within the county. I feel that with more aggressive patrols throughout the county that this would help to deter more of the crimes. I will see that the officers make good arrests and prepare good case work for the courts so that conviction rate will show how professional we can be. I will encourage the officers to be more approachable and receptive to information from the citizens of Davie County. I want the citizens to be able to contact the office and be greeted in a professional and timely manner with prompt follow-up calls on all issues no matter how big or how small.

With my 39 years of experience I have learned how to relate to people and their needs. I am a Christian with high moral values and can relate to all needs of all people and will strive to meet those needs. My door will always be open for anyone to come and express their needs.

I like to fly fish, I tie my own flies for fishing, picking a banjo, and work on things mechanical. I believe those things show that I am detail oriented, so attention to detail is what I strive for. And that attention to detail is what makes me the best candidate for the Office of Sheriff of Davie County.

I’ve been married to wife Renee for 37 years and we have one daughter, Stephanie. I attend Smith Grove Methodist Church and I am involved in the United Methodist Men, the Back Pack project and Family Promise. I was born and raised in William R. Davie community, now live in the Fork Community. I have been a member of the Advance Masonic Lodge since 2002 and was the master of the Lodge for the year 2009 and support the Masonic Children’s Home in Oxford, NC. I am an active member of the DC Farm Bureau Relay for Life Team. I play the banjo, enjoy motorcycle riding, fly fishing and fly tying.