GOP Sheriff Candidates: Kevin Curtiss

Published 9:10 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Curtiss: I have wanted to be a Sheriff of a county sense I got into Law Enforcement because I believe that I can lead the Office in a positive direction that will bring closer relations between the Office and the People of Davie County.

What is the number 1 need within the Davie County Sheriff’s Department, and how do you plan to meet that need?

Curtiss: The number 1 need that I keep getting asked about is two in one, respect lost because of officers abusing their Powers, Position or Privilege’s, IE, Driving over the speed limit a lot of the time way over the limit. I know from my own time as a deputy that there are times you need to get there but not running 10-18 with lights and siren. But, Normal travel should be only what is usually allotted to the civilian population. How to handle it? Better supervision by the Sheriff. I will be patrolling at different times of the day with the Officers. I will lead by example as to what is acceptable speeds and public relations. We have to get the respect back to the Office from those we serve.

What do you consider the main duties of a sheriff?

Curtiss: Jail, Courts, Civil and patrol. These are the in stone ones. The outside of the traditional a Sheriff needs to be involved personally with the public and the officers. He or She should lead by example, ie. I will not ask someone to do something that I am not willing or have done myself. The Officers need the public acknowledgment of their success in their role in the Office. A Sheriff should be one of the first to be out helping in severe weather. Tree falls on the road, I have a chain saw and I don’t mind getting dirty to get it out of the way. Fire, I know how to fight it and or direct traffic, which ever the Fire Department needs me to do on Their Fire scene, I will do. Lead by Example. Community First!

Other Issues

Curtiss: I Love God, Family, Community and Country. I am a US Navy Veteran, I have 16 years combined service in Law Enforcement, Volunteer Fire Service and Department of Correction. I will always operate with Integrity and respect for our People and Officers. I will work always to bring our Community closer together with our main goal to be the safest County in the state. I keep hearing about the corruption in the office. I will work to clean the dirt out and keep it that way. If we want the support of our Community we have to be above all vise’s of corruption, No matter where they may come from. I will work with our community to help them be the eyes of Davie and work with our neighboring Counties to help them to join us and make this part of the Piedmont the Safest it has ever been. I will work with our Community leaders and our School Board and System to make our Schools to be what we all want, is the safest, drug free and bullying free zones. I believe All of this and much more is reachable, We all have to do our part and prepare for whatever may come our way to the best of our ability. I believe we need to go back to requiring the Deputies to live in Davie and bring the cars and K-9 back into the county. I will bring the Cars back in the first few weeks when I take the Office and work out the detailed plan on having deputies live in Davie in a certain time frame. I will work to put an SRO in each school and to start back up a Special Deputy Force that can help with added Security in the mornings and afternoons at the schools. I will have an aggressive action plan on the drugs coming in, though and sold in our county. I will work with people released from jail for drug use to get them in touch with recovery groups like the one at Blaise Church to help them be successful and get out of that lifestyle and Live again. There is a lot to do and I will with a fixed and steady purpose work to bring Davie County together, make Davie County Stronger and most importantly make Davie Safe for All. I look forward to Serving all the People of Davie as the next Sheriff. Thank you all and May God bless you.