GOP County Commission Candidates: Robert Wisecarver

Published 9:17 am Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why did you decide to seek public office?

Wisecarver: Davie County is a great place to live. I raised my family here. I have worked in Davie County for 40 years and have operated my own company here for over 38 years. There are no greater people to work with, to be neighbors with, to worship with or to have fun with than the people of Davie County. I have enjoyed my five years as a commissioner serving the people of this great county. I believe I have helped make Davie County a better place to live and have also worked hard in Raleigh to get Davie County its fair share of state funds that are available. If the fine people of Davie County choose to elect me as one of their next commissioners, I promise to continue to do the same.

Give approximate percentages – and reasons why – of where the county budget should be spent, including, but not limited to, law enforcement, schools, human services?

Wisecarver: The county budget changes every year and so do the county’s needs. A certain percentage of the budget can’t be allocated to certain departments every year. We listed to each department and to the advice of the county manager and make decisions based on the needs of each department and the amount of tax revenue that is scheduled to be collected.

Is Davie County growing  too quickly, too slowly, or about right?

Wisecarver: Davie County, I believe, is on the right growth plan. Our Economic Development Commission does a great job in recruiting new industry to our county. With industrial growth comes population growth. I think we have a good balance but we always need to keep our eyes on it and on the future.

Other Issues

Wisecarver: Davie County has a lot of Capital Improvement Plan projects currently that are being addressed. There is a need for a new jail and law enforcement center, courthouse repairs, library upgrade, and many others. All of these projects cannot be done at the same time. They have to be spread out over several years. We have to choose which projects are the most needed and proceed with trying to solve the problems. EMS, Fire Departments, School Systems, Human Services, there never seems to be enough money to give everyone what they want or even what they need. I feel I have the experience to handle most of these issues and will be very pleased to continue to work on them.
A county commissioner should not be a person that is elected and just goes to the scheduled meetings once a month. There are committees in Raleigh with the North Carolina Association of County Coommissioners that every commissioner can serve on as I have done to help better our county. A lot of money comes from Raleigh and if someone is not there from our county then our county loses enormously. I have been appointed by the Governor of North Carolina to serve on several statewide committees from insurance to the governing of law enforcement personnel. You learn so much from these experiences. As your county commissioner, I am always available if you have a need. I cannot guarantee the results will be what you are looking for, but I do promise to listen and try to help with your problem or place you in contact with the parties needed to attempt to solve your problems or to explain what is going on. I have truly enjoyed serving the citizens of Davie County these five years and would love to be able to serve for another term. I would be truly humbled to have your vote on May 8, 2018 for Davie County Commissioner.