County OKs consolidation of agencies

Published 8:48 am Thursday, April 12, 2018

Davie County came a step closer to consolidating human services agencies on April 2.

County commissioners unanimously adopted a resolution that will lead to the consolidation of health, social services, senior services, veterans services and domestic violence services.

County Manager John Eller said the change should save the county money – or add revenues – in the future, as well as make it easier for residents to access services.

Department heads for each of the agencies is on board with the plan, he said. “They truly have worked through this process and assessment.

“We’re trying to maintain the high quality services we have,” Eller said. “We really think these efforts can reach across agencies to provide a better model for our citizens to be more seamless in the way they apply for services. This is about maximizing services, maximizing revenues, maximizing opportunities that currently we’re not able to tap into without a consolidated model.”

The new Davie County Consolidated Human Services Agency that would be directed by a new board. That board would recommend a director for the new agency, to be approved by the county manager.

According to the resolution: “Davie County has spent considerable time analyzing and evaluating the provision of service to residents by existing human services agencies; and this has led to the conclusion by the Davie County Board of Commissioners that it is in the best interest of the county to consolidate human services agencies so the provision of services can more effectively and economically be delivered to allow better coordination of services and resources.”