Photos circulating in schools cause stir

Published 10:39 am Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office and Davie County Schools officials are working together after local middle school students were caught sending nude photographs.

There have been no charges filed, and so far, it appears that no adults were involved, said Sheriff J.D. Hartman. The schools addressed the juveniles involved in an internal process.

“The sheriff’s office will not and cannot address all the rumors and misinformation that has been spread on social media,” Hartman said. “The actions being taken by the sheriff’s office and the school system have become all too common in our society today. The availability of cell phones and other technology to juveniles allow for this type of activity to happen all too often.”

He said the department works with the schools to present programs to all students about the dangers – and consequences – of improper use of a cell phone, especially sharing personal photos.

“The primary goal of the sheriff’s office and school system is to help juveniles learn and grow into successful adults,” Hartman said. “We would like to thank the parents who have been contacted for their assistance and the school system for their continued commitment to the children of our community.”