N. Main St./MLK Rd. building to be demolished

Published 9:18 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mocksville town board members unanimously agreed last week to a resolution to demolish an abandoned store at 981 N. Main St. at Martin Luther King Jr. Road.

Town Manager Marcus Abernethy will seek informal bids to demolish the old Floyd’s, or Gunter’s store building, which has a roof that is falling in, as well as missing doors and windows, a collapsed floor and accumulation of debris.

The property has been is disrepair for years.

The property owner, Jeffery Karl Phipps, was notified of the condemnation proceedings in late July. A hearing was held on Aug. 7 before the town’s code enforcement officer, Joey Reynolds.

After that hearing, the officer issues an order, that: (the store) “was a fire and safety hazard, and a danger to life, health and property, and is a contributor to blight.”

He ordered that by Oct. 16, the owner make all necessary repairs to meet the requirements of the minimum standards for structural conditions or demolish the structure.

The resolution adopted by the board said the owner “failed to timely comply with the order.”

Board members questioned Town Attorney Al Benshoff about who would pay for the demolition. The town will, and can bill the property owner. It could also put a lien on the property to cover the costs. “The owners almost never pay the bill,” he said.