Betsy L. Cochrane Freeway proposed

Published 9:03 am Thursday, February 8, 2018

A portion of I-40 in Davie County could be named in honor of former state senator, Betsy L. Cochrane.

County commissioners unamimously (Richard Poindexter and Robert Wisecarver were not present.) approved Monday night a resolution asking the N.C. Department of Transportation to name a 4.8 mile section of the road from the Yadkin River to Redland Road “The Senator Betsy L. Cochrane Freeway.”

“She was a tremendous hard worker for the citizens of Davie County,” said board member, Mark Jones. “She has given Davie County honor.”

Cochrane was the first woman elected to the state senate from Davie County, and in 2000, sought the lietuenant governor’s job. She served four terms in the N.C. House and six terms in the N.C. Senate.

According to the resolution:

“Ms. Cochrane was the first woman to hold a leadership post in both chambers; serving as house minority leader from 1985-1988 … the first female Republican leader in the Senate, presiding in the 1989 session.”
“Ms. Cochrane has given unselfishly of her time and has worked diligently to advance the wellbeing of her community, county and state.”