MES students ready to learn after snow

Published 10:19 am Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mocksville Elementary kindergarten students in Mrs. Wyatt and Mrs. Dyson’s class were excited to create memories while out for the snow days. Upon return, they wrote, illustrated, and shared some of their experiences. They were later able to compare and contrast what they did with their friends.

Students continue to learn about how many animals survive during the winter season. Research projects with Mrs. Marklin, media coordinator, provided a means to learn about hibernating animals such as bats, frogs, snakes, and bears. Students learned about certain animals that migrate to warmer places to survive. Polar animals were interesting because they thrive in the cold weather.  When finished, the students got to choose which type of winter animal they would like to be and describe why others should choose the same.

Students in Mrs. Spach’s and Mrs. Hunter’s class are learning about text features.  They are learning about table of contents, glossaries, bold print and headings.  Students are able to identify these and tell how they help us in reading text.

In health, students studied My Plate and food groups. They can recognize which foods fit in the groups. They can tell which foods are better.   

In math, students continue to work with numbers past 100. We are counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 120.  Students are learning to mentally tell ten more and ten less than a number.

Second grade students read the stories “Best Wishes, Ed and Akiak.” Fact and opinion was the focus in both stories. In math, students began working with pennies and nickels. Everyone enjoyed “book character” day on Wednesday.  Good behavior was rewarded on Friday with the PBIS Snowball. All students who have remained on Level 4 were treated to ice cream sandwiches and a movie.

Mrs. Doub’s third grade class is back to a normal schedule after last week’s fun with the snow.  Students are learning about main idea with the nonfiction story “Penguin Chick.” Students enjoyed a paper snowball fight with facts from the story. In math, they practiced division skills with math facts and word problems.Students traveled to Mrs. Fletcher for science to learn about matter.

Mrs. Parker’s fifth grade class held its first debate on whether or not kids should drink chocolate milk. This was a debate that goes along with opinion writing. In reading, students are reading an informational story about Leonardo di Vinci and a horse that never got to finish. They practiced main idea with this story.  In math they are learning about subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping.  They learned two strategies to help solve these problems. In social studies, students are talking about events that led to the Revolutionary War. They started with the French and Indian War.   

Mrs. Cockman conducted the annual MES spelling bee on Wednesday, Jan. 24.A class winner from each of the fourth and fifth grade classes represented their class. The fifth grade class winners were Jacob Moore, Mrs. Parker’s class, Daniel Lawrence, Mrs. Dotson’s class, Bianca Bravo, Mrs. Miles’ class, and Haven Fryar, Mr. Shepherd’s class. The fourth grade class winners were Maggie Smith, Mrs. McKnight’s class, Julian Edmonds, Mrs. Easter’s class, Skylar Smith, Mrs. Dezarn’s class, and Makenzie Gentry, Mrs. Wall’s class. After 24 rounds, congratulations to Bianca Bravo, the school Spelling Bee winner for this school year.