WRD students share 2018 goals

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, January 23, 2018

May the force be with William R. Davie Elementary fifth graders and teachers.

The fifth graders have been learning about forces in science. Students have been exploring the topic using their science techbook, completing explorations, and taking notes in interactive notebooks.

During math, students have been learning how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.  Students are becoming pros at simplifying their fractions.

Fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Driver, Mrs. Untz, and Ms. Ireland, have been guiding students to recognize important points in their reading to determine the importance of a text. Students have been demonstrating their knowledge through reading about the 13 colonies. Students are eager to use their knowledge and skills to help complete a research project with their teachers and Mrs. Woodruff using the Big 6 Model for researching. Students will gain knowledge of a specific colony and create a project to share with the rest of the fifth graders. Ms. Ireland’s class welcomed Hannah Hendrix as a student teacher. The fifth graders enjoy have a second teacher in their class to help guide their learning.

Mrs. Weaver’s guidance classes have been setting New Year’s Resolution goals for 2018. Each student shared their goal for 2018. Many of the students gave kind, compassionate, and heartwarming goals they set for 2018.

“My goal is to grow my hair long and get it cut and donate my hair to cancer patients,” said Jocelyn Conley.

“My new year’s resolution is to make 111 people happy,” stated Kaden Wesoloski.

Larkin Angel stated, “I want to have love week and build houses for the homeless.”

Ella Wiles stated, “I want to give bags of food to people who need food.”

Christian Redmond is planning on keeping his room clean.

Lylah Applegate pledged to do her chores before she is asked do to them. Allie Cothren said she will always listen to her teacher.

Josiah Bumby will help his mom and dad with the twins.

Draeton Nance will be kind to others and always help others.

Edris Oliver will always smile.

Charlesten Haynes will make cards and give money to sick people.

Carrington Pitcher will be kind to her sister and others when they fall.

Lilly Foster will spread kindness every day.

Landry Parsons will help the homeless.

Spencer Wilson will make the world a better place by giving free hugs.

Maddie Ratledge will keep her neighborhood clean by picking up trash.

Lily Davis will make her bed and help her family because she loves them.

Chad Hardin will help his mom because she always does nice things for him.

Harper Dyson stated, “My goal is to be just like my daddy. He is cool, nice, and kind.”

Landon Williams will stand up to bullies and tell them to stop being a bully.

Hunter Stephens will help elderly people.

Nalea Johnson wants to give blood to the Red Cross when she gets older.

Taylor Shenberger wants to build more hospitals and donate money to help people with cancer. He wants to be a farmer and grow food to help feed the poor and sick.

Xaiden Kirk stated, “I want to raise money and donate it to Saint Jude’s hospital.”