Group working to get dogs off chains

Published 8:39 am Thursday, January 4, 2018

Unchain Davie.

It’s a simple slogan with a simple purpose: to get as many dogs off of chains and into fences, out of the weather and into a warm house, as possible.

And there’s no judgment; maybe a little education on what’s best for a pet, but no judging.

Headed by Sara Handy and Meredith Boone at The Country Veterinary Hospital in Mocksville, the program is off to a good start. Last week, just before the bitter cold spell, Unchain Davie provided a dog house with bedding for a pet that spent 24 hours a day outside.

The dog also got a microchip, compliments of the Humane Society of Davie County.

Handy said the idea came about by just riding around Davie County and seeing dogs on chains. The group is working with Davie Animal Control and the Humane Society in getting referrals for the program. It is funded by donations of money and equipment, such as houses and fencing.

At the office, they have seen animals who had the chain embedded in their necks, and other injuries from just trying to get free.

“This is a no judgment zone,” she said. “The fact is that when they are loose, their temperament can be changed for the better. We want to be able to help the people who can’t afford it.”

“People have no idea the harm it can do to a dog,” Boone said. “A lot of people think if they have fur, the cold can’t be that bad for dogs.”

They say Unchain Davie “gently educates” those who have dogs on chains, or outside without shelter. Dogs, Boone said, can get sick from laying on wet ground.

They provide rabies vaccinations when necessary, and will work with the family to have the pet spayed or neutered. The Humane Society pays for the microchip which will lead to the dog’s owner if it escapes or runs away.

The office also participates in Grace’s Fund, which provides services to pets in emergency situations.

To learn more, donate or participate, call 336-936-9101.