DOT says no to lower Baltimore Road speed limit

Published 9:47 am Thursday, November 16, 2017

Don’t expect to see lower speed limits on Baltimore Road anytime soon.

After conducting a speed zone and accident occurrences study, the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) concluded that lowering the speed limit could make traffic problems worse.

The DOT measured traffic at the site of an Oct. 7 triple fatality and a site between US 158 and Juney Beauchamp Road.

It concluded that the 85th percentile speed at the accident site was 63.08 mph and 64.14 mph (Both lanes were measured.) and that 52.7 percent of motorists were speeding. The annual daily traffic count was listed at 4,318.

At the other site, the 85th percentile speed was 64.3 mph and 64.64 mph, with 52 percent of the 5,994 daily motorists speeding.

“Based on the above results, NCDOT concluded that artificially lowering the speed limit would not gain any useful compliance and could create additional safety issues,” read an article posted on the Davie County website.

The DOT concluded that the entire stretch of Baltimore Road is still rural in nature, with a 30 percent development rate (driveway connections). It considers lowering speed limits at a 50 percent development rate.

“NCDOT recommends a more concentrated law enforcement presence to address the existing speeding issue,” according to the county article. “The county has expressed those concerns to local law enforcement, including the NC Highway Patrol. The county does not have discretion or jurisdiction regarding road safety actions.”

The county is asking residents to report concerns to the DOT’s Division 9 by calling 336-747-7800 or