Farmington EMS station opens

Published 10:16 am Thursday, October 19, 2017

A ribbon cutting ceremony for Davie’s newest EMS station was held recently.

Located on Farmington Road next to the Farmington Community and Events Center, the building houses EMTs, ambulances and occasional firefighters. It was designed by Fuller Architecture to blend in with the neighborhood.

The location wasn’t randomly chosen.

EMS Director Brian Byrd led a study on the number of calls, and concluded that the part of the county around Farmington had longer response times than other areas, not including those in western Davie. Quick response is often the difference between life and death, he said.

Fuller once lived across the street from the site, and said keeping the character of the neighborhood in mind was important. “I wanted to design something that fits into the neighborhood,” he said. “My wife is entrenched in the Farmington community.”

The project finished under budget.

“We’ve needed this station up here for a while,” Byrd said. The project started a year and a half ago. “This is the right place.”

It was designed to house full-time firefighters hired by the county, although they will not be stationed there at all times. The Farmington Fire Department is nearby on Farmington Road.

“I think this will serve the community very well,” Fuller said.