Author publishing new book

Published 8:55 am Thursday, July 27, 2017

Liz Phelps, writing under her maiden name, Liz Shoaf, is getting another book published

This will be her first novel with Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense. The title is “Betrayed Birthright” and it releases in September. The book will be available anywhere books are sold, online and on book store shelves.

A juicy tidbit for the residents of Davie County: the characters make a dangerous stop in Mocksville, and the heroine threatens to call the local newspaper (the Enterprise is given an assumed name, of course).

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The following is a promo for “Betrayed Birthright.”

Abigail Mayfield hopes her stalker won’t follow her to Texas-until someone breaks into her new home, leaving behind a photo of her late parents with a mysterious child. This time, with her guard dog at her side, the widowed music teacher refuses to hide. She can’t uncover why someone is after her by herself, though, not when the threat escalates from break-ins to attempts on her life.

After saving her from a sniper’s bullet, FBI agent turned small-town sheriff Noah Galloway makes Abigail’s safety his personal mission. With the investigation taking them cross-country on the trail of her long-dead parents, the widowed single father can’t risk leaving his son an orphan.

But Abigail needs him…because somewhere, buried deep in her past, lies a secret worth killing for.