Mocksville says no to golf carts

Published 10:12 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

After two residents spoke against allowing golf carts on certain Mocksville streets, town board members last week let a proposed ordinance regulating the use of golf carts go without a motion.

That means the issue is dropped.

Board member John Frye had suggested the board adopt the ordinance last month, but it was tabled to allow town staff to get ready for inspections.

Residents Don Routh and Bruce Rollins spoke against the ordinance. Routh said it would be a safety hazard, especially along US 158 (North Main Street). Rollins said he has been known to drive a golf cart in town, but couldn’t afford the cost of upfitting it to meet the town’s requirements. He estimated that cost at $3,000.

Town Manager Marcus Abernethy told board members he had received “some concerns” about the proposed ordinance, the biggest one them being allowed on North Main. “It depends on what you guys are comfortable with,” he said.

Mayor Will Marklin said that Bermuda Run, which allows golf carts in certain areas, has had trouble with enforcement, mainly underage, unlicensed drivers. “I’ve heard quite a bit against it and very little for it,” he said of the proposal.

Board member Rob Taylor said it would be hard to estimate how many golf carts would be licensed, and that 10 or 15 could cause parking problems downtown.

Board member Lash Sanford cited safety concerns, especially on North Main and crossing major roads. If it was strictly for residential areas, he would be more inclined to vote for it, Sanford said.

When Marklin asked for a motion to approve or deny the ordinance, none was made.