Mocksville eyes golf cart ordinance

Published 9:10 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mocksville Town Board members earlier this month delayed action on a proposed ordinance that would allow golf carts on certain town streets.

Commissioner Johnny Frye had asked for the ordinance, and Police Chief Todd Penley had been working on a proposal along with town staff.

“The thoroughfares do not need to have any golf carts on them,” Penley said. “You guys have to decide the danger of putting golf carts on the roads.”

Although thoroughfares were mentioned, the proposal called for golf carts being allowed on North Main Street (US 158), from downtown to Oak Street. Valley Road (US 64/601) would be off limits.

Commissioner Lash Sanford asked about the interest in golf carts. “I’m not enthusiastic about golf carts on the streets.”

The proposal did put restrictions on the carts and the drivers, who must have a valid license. Carts would have to meet certain criteria, including mirrors and pass an inspection at the police department, which would issue a sticker to be displayed on the cart.

Golf cart drivers who do not obey the rules are subject to the same traffic laws and traditional motorists, Penley said.

Frye said other towns allowed golf carts with no problems. “I’d like to have it adopted,” he said.

“Be careful what you’re asking for,” Penley said. “Look at the pros and the cons.”

Penley said several town residents have golf carts, but it would be hard to tell how many would equip and register them.

Board members voted 4-1, with Frye objecting, to delay a decision on the issue.