Suspected robber undresses driving down road

Published 11:44 am Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Yadkinville man apparently realized he had been captured on a security camera after robbing the Dollar General on NC 801 in the Four Corners community.

He took off the camoflouge clothing he was wearing while traveling back to Yadkinville on US 601, said Davie Sheriff J.D. Hartman.

Brian Shrewsbury, 21, of Pine Valley Drive, was arrested the following day, charged by the Davie County Sheriff’s Department with robbery and by Yadkin County officials with possession of illegal drugs.

Hartman said that the suspect entered the Dollar General at about 10:35 a.m. May 10 and walked around the store until all other customers had left. He then went to the clerk, said he had a weapon and demanded money.

He fled on foot with just over $200 to US 601, where he had left his vehicle.

The sheriff’s department posted a store surveillance photo of him inside the store on its Facebook page. That photo was shared.

Talking with Yadkin officials, they learned that a similar crime had been committed there.

When they learned his identity, authorities went to the apartment complex where Shrewsbury was living. When they went to the manager’s office, she told them she knew who they were looking for because he had robbed a Dollar General. She also said that soon after the reported crime, she remembers seeing him drive into the complex, run naked from his car while carrying  the camoflouge clothes he had been wearing.

Hartman said that Shrewsbury told them he had taken his clothes off while driving down the road in fear that someone would recognize him. He also said that he then drove to West Virginia and left his clothes in a house there.

West Virginia authorities went to that house, and found his clothes.