Author releases demons with publishing of book

Published 10:13 am Thursday, May 11, 2017

Shanetta Nichols had been hurting. For a long time.

From being picked on and bullied as a child, to an adulthood filled with bad people and bad choices, her life had become a mess.

But she had children, and wanted to find a way to nurture them rather than send them along the same path she had taken.

Her answer came in writing her life story, which she did with the book “Evictions of Pain.” She details the story of her life, including her feelings along the way, as a child, then a teen-ager and into adulthood.

After 38 years filled with emotional pain, she said she “had to find a way of healing.” She hopes it will help others who have lives filled with pain.

“I would love to save one child from suicide, drugs or alcohol,” she said. “When you’re in a crisis, whatever loves you first you stay with. “Many people don’t even know they’re angry. I was angry, and I didn’t know why.”

But a book? Nichols admits she doesn’t even like to read. She worked on the book for some two years, and was encouraged to finally finish and have it published.

The first to benefit from her new outlook on life is her children, who are all thriving now, she said. “I wanted to see my kids (ages 22, 18 and 12) happy. It wouldn’t have been like that while I was angry.”

She earned a college degree at age 38. She’s being a good, positive mother. She holds a full-time job. All are things that were difficult in her past.

“Build a relationship with God first,” she writes. “He will be your anchor when things get deep. Forgive yourself, then move on. Forgive others, then you can grow. Love yourself, then don’t let anybody get in front of that. Once you do that, you will be able to let real love come in, which will bring you so much peace and happiness. You will never realize how big your cloud was until you move it.”

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