Mocksville again a tree city

Published 9:27 am Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tree City USA.

Mocksville is one of 85 cities and towns in North Carolina and one of more than 3,400 in the nation to receive this recognition for planting trees to make a better community.

“We would like to encourage our community to go out and plant a tree,” said Mayor Will Marklin. “Each tree we plant helps build a home for you and me, helps provide shelter to animals we often see, helps build a ship to cross the sea and helps provide thousands of things we often need.”

This year’s Arbor Day observance was held Thursday, April 27 at Rich Park. Assisting were students from Mocksville Elementary School’s fourth and fifth Grade Leadership Team, Davie County Forest Service, Marklin, Commissioners Brent Ward and Lash Sanford, Town Manager Marcus Abernethy and employees of the Mocksville Parks Department.