Published 9:14 am Thursday, February 23, 2017

When a civil superior trial went over into the next week, Davie County had courtroom problems last week. County and town officials, and the Davie County Arts Council, worked to move the district criminal court to the Brock Performing Arts Center on Thursday. Clerk of Court Ellen Drechsler, who said court calendars are sent in from the state, was happy that everyone worked together to make things run smoothly. And while the Brock is usually a place for entertainment and make believe – Thursday it was for real.

                       – Photos by Robin Snow

To the editor:

Thank you to all the departments that worked together the week of Feb. 13. Two sessions of superior court were using the courtrooms in the Davie County Courthouse and alternate plans had to be made for district criminal and administrative courts.

The Davie County Clerk of Court staff are very appreciative of all the departments that made the plans work. The Davie County maintenance department helped set up the county commissioners room and the Brock auditorium so the spaces could be used as courtrooms. Sheriff J.D. Hartman and his department helped work out the logistics of transporting defendants from the detention center and arranging security. Officers from the Davie County Sheriff’s Department and Mocksville Police Department helped transport the court records and provided security, information and directions. Staff from the district attorney’s office worked with defense attorneys to continue cases that could be continued. Sidniee Suggs, the arts council executive director, provided furniture and supplies for the courtroom and the Davie County Recreation Department provided the sound system.

Without all the moving parts working together, we would not have been able to proceed with district criminal and administrative courts. Everyone working together made a potentially difficult situation work well. I appreciate everyone’s assistance in this matter.

Ellen E. Drechsler,     Davie Clerk of Superior Court