Davie accepting healthy challenge

Published 9:36 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Davie Community has definitely embraced the Healthy Davie Challenge to walk 1 Billion Steps in 100 Days.

As of Monday, 3,130 individuals and group participants have registered through the website – far exceeding the committee goal of 2,017.

“We are very excited by the response of the community,” said Hannah Elmore, 4-H and Youth Development Extension Agent and developer of the Healthy Davie Challenge website and social media. “We hoped people would follow their New Year’s resolutions to get in shape, but we had no idea we would have this kind of response. We love it.”

Individuals have registered and are walking to meet personal goals; churches embraced the challenge and have members walking; schools are challenging each other in a race for steps; and the professional and business communities are involved.

“It will be fun to see which of the local businesses logs the most steps,” said Luke Harris, senior engagement director at the Davie Family YMCA. “Once we found out that Wal-Mart was registered the competition was on. Their employees walk miles in their store, so it will be interesting to see if any of our manufacturers can even come close to the steps Wal-Mart logs.”

The purpose behind the Healthy Davie Challenge is not just about a competition to log the most steps, it is to encourage everyone to get moving.

“Sometimes it takes a challenge like this to get us up and going. We are seeing a greater awareness of their own levels of activity in kids, teenagers and adults as they talk about the steps they have walked,” said Melissa O’Connor, office and communications manager for Davie Community Foundation. “My kids go outside more so they can log additional steps for their classes. It is good because it is bringing attention to the importance of activity instead of sitting and playing video games or working on the computer all afternoon. Our office even participated in a walking meeting to get some steps in this week.”

Matt Britt from WFBH – Davie Medical Center summed it up: “Davie County has really surprised me with the way everyone has embraced the Healthy Davie Challenge. Not only are all of the health and wellness related agencies and non-profits working together to create the challenge and keep it going, the people in the community are working together toward one common goal – 1 Billion Steps in 100 Days. It is an amazing thing we see happening. In the end, Davie County should be healthier because of it. Our challenge will be to keep the momentum going after 100 days.”

If you haven’t registered for the Healthy Davie Challenge, it’s not too late. It will take the steps of many in the community to reach 1 billion. Go to www.daviefoundation.org and click on the Healthy Davie bar at the top of the home page. Register and log your steps on whatever schedule you choose – daily, weekly, or even monthly. The important thing is that you get involved and log the steps.

While on the Healthy Davie website, check out the resources available at the tabs. There is a conversion chart for changing other activities into steps; exercising tips; “Fit Talks” from Brenner Fit on nutrition and meal planning; and a calendar with upcoming dates for health related activities and events.

The Healthy Davie Initiative is an initiative of the Davie Community Foundation and the Mebane Charitable Foundation to improve Davie County in the areas of education, poverty and wellness.

For more information, visit www.daviefoundation.org or contact either of the foundation offices.