Snow make-up days scheduled

Published 10:01 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Davie Board of Education unanimously approved on Jan. 11 snow make-up dates for students and staff. Two days were missed due to the snow that closed school for two days and caused a two-hour delay on the third day.

Assistant Superintendent Jeff Wallace told the board with the tight bookends on each end of the school calendar, the legislated dates school can begin and must end, there is little wiggle-room. Upcoming exams at Davie High compounds the issue, he said.

The board voted to waive Jan. 9, as students already exceed the mandated hours they must be in class, and Jan. 25 will be the student make-up day for Jan. 10. It was previously a workday. The workday will be moved to Saturday, Jan. 21 for staff.

“It’s not necessarily ideal but after speaking to everyone, it sounds like the best thing,” Wallace said.

The Jan. 9 missed day for teachers will be made up on Monday, June 19.

At the Early College, exams have already been taken. Jan. 9 will be waived for students, with the staff make-up day scheduled for May 30.

Jan. 10 will be made up, by students, Feb. 10 and March 17, which were early release days but which will now be full days. Staff will make up Jan. 10 on Saturday, Jan. 21.