Treasures Sale Gets Deal Seekers Out Of Bed Early

Published 8:41 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

I’m told there were 105 people standing in line Saturday morning at 8 o’clock outside Clemmons Moravian Church for the doors to open on the 9th annual Christmas Treasures Sale.

“You should have been here,” one of the workers said.

I was asleep.

Nothing wakes people up on a cold Saturday morning like the chance to save big on Christmas stuff. There was a “forest” of 15 artificial Christmas trees for sale. Two were left when I arrived.

At 10 o’clock there were still some Christmas knick knacks for sale when I struggled through the door. I bought an angel ornament — exactly like one I’ve had for years. I paid at least $10 for the original. I paid 50 cents on Saturday morning.

The Christmas Treasures Sale serves two purposes: People can off-load their unwanted Christmas stuff on somebody else who pays pennies on the dollar to decorate their trees. Most of the proceeds — $3,064 on Saturday — goes to the Clemmons Food Pantry.

• • • • •

Somebody really has a thing for our newspaper. They love us so much they are taking our outdoor racks home.

It’s one thing to lose the coins and the racks, but the thefts have left us scrambling to find suitable replacements.

We bought 10 new Enterprise-Record racks to replace the thefts, and five of the new ones were quickly stolen.

Worse than the financial loss is the confusion caused to our readers trying to find the newspaper. Their trusty rack may be missing.

The old editor is beyond annoyed.

If you see anything suspicious, call the Davie County Sheriff’s Department. Capital punishment would be appropriate.

• • • • •

I don’t usually give financial advice, but I predict Kimberly-Clark, maker of Klennex, will have a banner fourth quarter sales report.

I’ve gone through a box of tissues a day for three weeks to combat a running nose and hacking cough.

Both paid and free medical consultants agree that raking the leaves this fall created a sinus infection that has left me with a stuffed head. I spent most of the weekend raking, blowing and hauling leaves, reigniting my sinus misery.

Wear a mask, Elizabeth told me.

“Masks are for sissies,” I replied.

That may explain why I’m honking my nose every five minutes. A good snow might rescue me.

• • • • •

Just like that, the football season ended for the local teams. Both Davie County and West Forsyth fell in the third round of the state playoffs, ending outstanding seasons for both. Davie, 12-2, lost to Dudley twice. West Forsyth finished 11-3. Congratulations to both teams.

The Titans fell behind early on Friday night, but the War Eagles hung with Dudley through the third quarter with the score knotted at 30-30.

Then trouble started. Dudley repeatedly sacked Davie for losses, forcing punts. The Greensboro team showed a gutsy formula — always going for yardage on fourth downs, refusing to punt. They usually made it. The team didn’t kick for extra points after touchdowns. They always pushed for two-point conversions.

— Dwight Sparks