Cooleemee celebrates the season

Published 8:49 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

On Saturday, Dec. 3, the town sponsored a Christmas gathering.

Children sat on Santa’s lap, they got up close and personal while some sat on his knee and gave deep thought about what they wanted to ask for Christmas.

Each child that met with Santa got a long peppermint stick.

One child had their peppermint stick inside their drink and was trying to use it as a straw. I asked her where did you get that idea and she turned around and looked at the Zachary House and pointed to it.

I looked at her dad and said she is remembering what was taught by the CHA; cut a hole in the top of an orange, put your small peppermint stick inside and use it like a straw.

That memory and many more will be shared as those Cooleemee Elementary children grow older and reflect on the many things they took part in, observed and heard about how things used to be in the older days of Cooleemee.

Hotdogs were served and many women of the community baked luscious cakes, cookies and brownies for a sweet treat.

As cold as it was for adults, it was still possible to take out sweet babies for the gathering, especially, when they are encased in a baby bunting fashion with a pink toboggan to match.

Having gatherings early in December is a good way to start spreading cheer and joy to each other.

The Christmas gathering helped us to meet new neighbors who chose Cooleemee to be their home in the past year, volunteers stepped up to help make the evening a success and seeing old friends always warms the heart of their family and others.

Whether things are good or bad in your life, Christmas time is a time we can reach out to share love at no financial cost.

Don’t know your neighbor? Waiting for them to come knocking on your door first? Be the one to step forward and say hello.

Strings can bind each and every community member together.  Having an open heart, remaining humble and keeping our minds free of preconceived notions, will keep the weave strong and tight.

Stay conscious of your smile. Share it. It may be the best, easiest and most valuable gift you will give this  Christmas season.

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