Rams will miss Coach V

Published 9:37 am Thursday, November 17, 2016

After leading the Mocksville Rams for 18 years, Vincent Cockerham stepped down as coach following the Rams’ loss in the playoffs. He walks away with memories he will cherish for a lifetime.

“I’m not sure how I feel about ending something I love and enjoy so much, but I hope me and my whistle has been a positive force in someone’s life,” Cockerham, 46, wrote on Facebook. “This has been one heck of a ride with some great people along the way. Eighteen years of my life have been filled with so many memories,  and I will cherish every single one of them. The faces, the names/nicknames, the smiles, the tears, the ups and the downs … They have all touched my life more than one would know. I started this journey at age 28 with no idea that it would last this long, but at 46 the time has come to pass the torch. Many say I have touched many lives. Well, I’m gonna set the record straight – many lives have touched me.”

Cockerham made a lasting impression on dozens and dozens of kids. Remarkable testimonials poured in on Facebook.

“Coach V has taught me how to be a leader and play with confidence,” Bryceson Cozart said.

“He has the heart of gold and he loves those kids,” Cockerham’s sister, Jenny Stevenson, said. “When he was giving his speech and saying the last prayer after the game, you should have seen all the kids crying, parents crying and of course Vint crying.”

“Coach, you’ve shaped so many lives and made many of us grow into what we are today,” Colton Orrell said. “The most positive person I’ve ever had the pleasure to play under, and Rams football will never be the same. Thanks on behalf of the hundreds of kids you’ve coached.”

“Thank you for all of your dedication over the years and for your influence on my boy,” Shannon Williams said. “He is a better athlete and person for having been one of your players.”

“When the kids in high school are still going by the nickname they were given as a Rams little league football player, you know you have made an impact,” Nicole Crotts said. “You might be hanging up the whistle for a short time, but you will always be Coach V.”

“V, I know of three young men you impacted,” Lee Barber said. “Thank you for all the memories and hard work. We appreciate you and all the coaches who take time out of their personal lives to work with the youth in Davie. It does make an impact – one that will last a lifetime.”

“You were a positive force in my son’s life years ago when you coached him in basketball at the Brock,” Robin Frye McCarson said. “Thank you.”

“Great job, coach,” Adam Carter said. “Thank you for letting me and other players be apart of those 18 years on your team. You are one amazing coach. You’re the real reason why I am coaching today. You always taught us the right from wrong and kept our heads high and kept us going hard. We will always be a Rams family because you created and built this family and we will always have your back. On behalf of all the other players and coaches, thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for letting us play by your side and coach by your side. I never forget any moment we played on your team. You’re an amazing coach and friend. We love you, coach Vincent Cockerham.”

“Thanks for allowing me to ride for seven years (on the coaching staff),” Christian Summers said. “What a journey.”

“You have been a great asset to Davie County, making a positive difference to so many young people, including our John Parker,” Julie Parker said.

The Rams held their end-of-the-season banquet Sunday and honored their beloved coach. His final words:

“It is nothing better than to watch these boys grow into great young men, starting their journey in this thing we call life,” Cockerham posted on Facebook. “The road has some sharp curves and will get bumpy sometimes. But just remember through Him all things are possible, and I’m sure you will get to your destination on time. Remember the team is your family and together you are invincible. Dream big, and chase those dreams full steam ahead.”