Courthouse renovations begin

Published 10:07 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Davie County Courthouse in Downtown Mocksville is getting a facelift, and the town is taking steps to map underground utilities so decisions can be made about court square.

On Monday, workers were busy cutting trees and shrubs from in front of the courthouse. One of the improvements is washing and painting the exterior, and the plantings are too close to get to the building.

New landscaping will be added after the construction is complete.

Other improvements include more modern mechanisms in the clock on top of the courthouse, as well as renovation of the dome – possibly to its original copper look.

It’s all part of the county’s capital improvement plan. The first year focuses on the outside of the building.

It will include improved access to the courthouse, with handrails on the front steps and re-working of the handicapped ramp.

Local architect John Fuller is working with Clerk of Court Ellen Drechsler and county officials on the renovations, which will take three years to complete, once work on the inside begins.

“We will be working together to minimize any disruptions to the downtown area and the work within the Davie County Courthouse,” Drechsler said. “We look forward to the next three years and the upcoming improvements.”

In the meantime, the Town of Mocksville took steps earlier this month that could lead to improvements in the downtown area. Board members agreed to have the underground of downtown mapped.

When two of the large oak trees were taken down last year because of disease, officials had trouble deciding what to do because the underground area is filled with electrical, water and sewer lines – and there is no clear map of what is where.

Mayor Will Marklin said it will not only give the town options on what to do with the quadrants left empty by the two trees, the map will be kept up to date for any future improvements.