A Little Princess continues this weekend

Published 10:43 am Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oh, that Miss Minchin. She can be so mean.

And oh, that poor Sara Crewe. Her dad went off to make money and sent her to be under the guidance of Miss Minchin at a prestigious Indian school.

The Little Princess is the newest production of the Brock Players, and performances are scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights at 7 and Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Brock Performing Arts Center on North Main Street in Mocksville. The box office is open noon-5 p.m., or order tickets by calling 336-751-3000.

It is a play about a little girl from India. Her dad is driven to make money, and sends her to boarding school, where she is unhappy. He doesn’t visit, and dies while she is in the school.

Not knowing of his wealth, she becomes sort of a spokesperson for the downtrodden, especially after her unknown wealth is discovered. She didn’t know how to be rich. She didn’t know how to be a princess.

Even though there are a lot of young people in the production, director Lauren Butler promises a good show.

“Everyone’s excited to be in costume,” she said. “Everybody’s been doing great. They’ve even taken to the accents well.”

It is a big crew with a lot of set changes.

“I love doing this stuff,” said Eric Clifton, a ninth grader at Davie County Early College High School. “I want to be an actor when I grow up. I’ve wanted to do this all of my life.”

He plays the role of Lascar, a servant who looks after Sara as bad things happen. It’s his second production with the Brock Players.

“It’s the highlight of my week, coming to rehearsals,” he said. “It’s like a bond here, like family.”

Brock veteran Andrea  Fain plays Miss Minchin.

“This is a good group, and it’s fun working with the kids,” Fain said.

Assistant director is Shelley Bryan.

Cast members include: Mattie Barnette, Hannah Beale, Eva Bey, Eric Clifton, Dakota Devore, Andrea Fain, Shannon Grimes, Sandra Hammesrahr, Lachlan Jennings, True Jones, Carmia Keating, Eliana Keating, Hazel Marion, Sarah West Marklin, Cadence McEwen, Becky Miller, Tom Mitchell, Maddie Nardone,Nick Pinkos, Allie Smart, Claudia Solis, Summer Taylor, Carlton Terry, Erika Terry, Meghan Elizabeth Timbinaris, Abigail Wells and Hannah Wells.

Crew members include: Marge Barnett, Stan Barnett, Crystal Beale, Nick Miller, Marie Roth, Shad Sechrest, Katrena Allison Wells, Vinnie Whitt, Jaren Bowman, Ed Thomas, Adam Cranford,  Jay Knight, Susan Bostian, Marlene Urton and Bruce White.