Traffic Circles; West-Davie’s River Rivalry

Published 9:18 am Thursday, October 6, 2016

There was something very familiar about a recent idea about adding another traffic circle in Bermuda Run.

Alert reader Arlene Edwards Thompson detected it too. She dropped by the office to recall who proposed it more than 25 years ago: The late Kent Matthewson.

A former city manager of Detroit back in that city’s heyday, Matthewson retired to Bermuda Village while he still had an itch to dream big dreams. The Davie Foundation was his brainchild. Lewisville’s lovely Shallowford Square was his idea. Lewisville was a newly incorporated town, and he served as its interim manager. Every town, he argued, needs a town square — a place for citizens to come together.

Clemmons is still struggling to accomplish that need.

He said the N.C. 801-U.S. 158 intersection in Bermuda Run should be converted into a large traffic circle, and another exit on Interstate 40 should be created west of Bermuda Run to siphon off some of the congestion.

Ironically, both ideas are now getting serious attention. A new I-40 exit is being considered to let Ashley Furniture trucks have a more direct access to I-40.

Kent Matthewson was a visionary — 25 years ahead of his time.

• • • • •

Another chapter in the annual Battle for the Yadkin River Bridge is planned for Friday night. Davie County will invade Clemmons for West Forsyth High’s homecoming game. Last year’s game seesawed back and forth in Mocksville until the Titans picked off an errant Davie pass at the last minute to seal victory.

The two schools have engaged in some classic battles over the years.

The War Eagles have a dazzling pass-happy offense capable of scoring fast and often. West Forsyth has behemoth defensive lineman K.J. Henry, a 6-foot-5 junior who has blocked three punts and two field goals already this season and scored two touchdowns.

And then there is the weather … A hurricane is swirling in the Atlantic and may be dumping rain on us by Friday night. Unless there is lightning in the mix, West Forsyth likes to play in the rain if it means dampening an opponent’s pass attack or size advantage.

The homecoming court may get wet, but Snow will likely opt to play in the rain if it improves his chances of winning.

Friday night promises to be an exciting game.

• • • • •

Americans have become very sensitive about an ever expanding list of imagined “rights.” Following the lead of a washed up San Francisco 49ers quarterback, small pockets of people are now staging protests during the playing of the National Anthem.

On Saturday, 19 members of the East Carolina University marching band protested during the performance of the anthem by taking a knee. Some continued to play; some didn’t.

Asserting their own rights, the football audience booed the band loudly. Many of those band members receive scholarships provided by generous alumni in the stands.

The ECU band directors on Monday warned the students not to pull that stunt again. The ECU chancellor issued a more wishy-washy statement about respecting each other.

ECU should strip the protesters of their uniforms for breaking formation. The 49ers should send Colin Kaepernick into a well-earned retirement because he’s lost his arm. Together, the protesters can continue their mission from the sidelines wearing their own clothing.

ECU’s fans gave the band protesters the treatment they deserved. TV audiences for NFL games have mysteriously declined in recent weeks, threatening to impact NFL advertising revenue. There’s a flip side to this protest.

– Dwight Sparks