Four arrested in meth lab bust

Published 9:21 am Thursday, October 6, 2016

Authorities searching for a woman wanted on drug charges came upon a meth lab in a house on Turkeyfoot Road last week.

Armed with a warrant, Davie sheriff’s officers went to the Turkeyfoot Road residence looking for Christine Nicole “G Queen” Davis.

She wasn’t there, but they saw evidence that methamphetamine had been made in the house.

When they arrived, a woman ran from the back of the residence, telling officers she ran because of “what’s in the house,” said Sheriff’s Chief Deputy J.D. Hartman.

Benjamin Hedrick, 23,  was determined to be in control of the house, and gave officers permission to search for Davis. She wasn’t there, but Michael Todd Chandler Nixon was; he was also wanted on charges relating to meth from Yadkin County.

Officers obtained another search warrant to scan the premises for illegal drugs.

They located a funnel in a pan on the stove, water packs from instant cold packs, indicative of removing ammonium nitrate for cooking meth, two hydrogen choride gas generators, a box of cold packs and drain cleaner. Several of the items were in a military style pack.

The SBI Methamphetamine Lab United was contacted, and located multiple one-pot labs and HCL generators, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, camp fuel, lithium batteries, ammonium nitrate. One-pot labs were found in several outbuildings and on two burn piles. Several one-pot labs and generators were found in a well on the property.

Davie County Environmental Health was called to handle clean-up of the well.

A large dump site was also located at the suspect’s grandparent’s residence on Sheffield Road, Hartman said. It included multiple bags of trash that included one-pot labs and HCL generators and ingredients used to make meth.

In total, more than 60 one-pot labs and more than 20 HCL generators were found. Officers aren’t sure how many were thrown into the well, Hartman said.

Hedrick was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of percursor chemicals, maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance, possession marijuana paraphernalia and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Davis was located in Yadkin County and charged with five counts of possession/distribution of meth percursors, stemming from an ongoing investigation in Davie County. She was arrested with Nixon.

The woman who ran from the back of the house, Courtney Parrish, 24, was charged with a felony probation violation and failure to appear in court.

All claimed to be members of Folk Nation, Hartman said.