Published 9:47 am Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Classical Conversations Foundations students in Mrs. Brown’s class learned many new things.

In history, students have been learning about English King John and the Magna Carta and in geography, they located the European rivers and learned a song to help them remember the six major European rivers.

In science, students learned about the natural cycles: water, carbon and oxygen, and nitrogen. Students played fun and interactive games to help them understand and remember the material.

During English language studies, students continued pronoun studies, while in Latin, students have continued building fluency with first conjugation endings in the imperfect tense.

During math, students have been practicing skip counting/multiplying by 7 and 8. The students loved their fine art studies. They learned about abstract art and created their own abstract masterpieces.

For more information about Classical Conversations, contact Gwyn Jones at There will be a day for visitors to come and observe on Oct. 4.