Second hand smoke a problem

Published 9:32 am Thursday, September 22, 2016

Businesses besides sweepstakes parlors are having the same problems – second-hand cigarette smoke entering their leased spaces in shopping centers.

Bill Freeman of Able Graphics is taking his concerns to the Mocksville Town Board, saying it is a public health safety issue and asking for the town to prohibit smoking in buildings in shopping centers.

He was accompanied last week as he made his case to the board by another business owner in a different shopping center, who says he has the same problem.

Brandi Patti, health educator with the Davie County Health Department, said studies show that second-hand smoke can seep through walls and enter ventilation systems and still contain toxic materials.

“It can be related to health problems,” she said.

Brittany Mitchell from the health department’s environmental health section, said the department is responsible for enforcing the state’s smoking laws, but there have been few complaints in Davie County.

Mayor Will Marklin said board members have discussed the issue, and Town Attorney Hank VanHoy is working on recommendations on how to proceed.