Recycling pick up changing

Published 9:31 am Thursday, September 22, 2016

Many Davie residents have already had a new blue receptacle can placed at their driveway.

It’s for recycling, and beginning next month, Republic Services will require all recyclables picked up at the street to be inside that blue can.

Those who subscribe to trash services may receive new cans, as well.

Republic is changing to a new, more automated system which will be much more safer for employees, Tracy Nestor, Republic municipal services manager, told members of the Mocksville Town Board last week.

It’s a big investment for the company, as well. In addition to the new cans, new trucks will be required to be used.

It will keep employees from being in the road as much when picking up garbage and recyclables.

Instead of every week, recyclables will now be picked up every other week. Trash will still be collected weekly, on the same days it is being collected now, Nestor said.

In the county, anyone who subscribes for trash pickup service must have the trash in an approved, Republic can. All others will not be collected. Bagged trash beside a can will no longer be collected. One can is provided, and people can rent an additional can if necessary.

Nestor said it is important that residents read, and maybe save, the information that comes with the new cans. It gives instructions, as well as what can and can’t be recycled.

For instance, Styrofoam products, and the grocery type plastic bags, are not recyclable because they “stick” to other recyclables at a Republic facility in Conover that sorts the materials.

Newspaper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, tissue, paper towels and metal cans can be recycled. All materials should not contain any food materials, she said.

The green plastic containers that had been used for recycling will become the property of the homeowner. They can place them in the new blue container for recycling if they don’t want them for another use, Nestor said. They can also be taken, as can garbage and other recyclables, to the county convenience center (former landfill) on Dalton Road near Mocksville in Mocksville. There is a fee for taking garbage there.

Nestor said Republic’s new system should save money in the long run with collection times, and automatic sorting of the mixed recyclables.

The convenience center is no longer accepting yard debris. That should be taken to Wallace Farm off Lee Jackson Drive, where it will be used in that recycling operation.

Wallace Farm is hosting an open house from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1, with discounts on products and tours.