Mocksville to vote on ABC Store

Published 9:03 am Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Mocksville Town Board voted unanimously last week to place a referendum for an ABC store in Mocksville on the ballot during the general election Nov. 8.

There are two ABC stores in the county, one in Cooleemee and one in Bermuda Run. Mocksville would partner with the Cooleemee store, and mayors from the towns see the possibility of a store in Mocksville as a plus for both, especially considering a decision earlier this year by county commissioners to change how sales tax revenues are distributed, which would result in a loss in revenue of more than $400,000 to Cooleemee and Mocksville.

Cooleemee Mayor Steve Corriher said: “I am all for this, trying to work with Mocksville to counterbalance the sales tax issues Davie County has put us through. If Mocksville can pass (the ABC store), that’s a good thing. It will show that Mocksville and Cooleemee are working together to recover revenues. Typically, these types of mergers work out well for both parties. I don’t see Cooleemee losing out. It gives the people in Mocksville and Farmington other places to go. It might be a slow start but I think it will work out well and create revenue for both parties.”

Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin said: “We don’t want to do anything that would hurt Cooleemee more than they’ve already been hurt. This would help out both towns, and it gives people an option.

“If you look at Mocksville, several restaurants are selling liquor drinks and they are either going to Cooleemee or Bermuda Run to buy that liquor so Mocksville is sending out tax money to either of those locations. With us teaming up with Cooleemee, it will help Cooleemee more with their profits.

“This is not Mocksville doing anything against Cooleemee. This is a partnership and we are doing this to help everyone out. Keep in mind this is not a vote to bring liquor to Mocksville because it’s already here.”

ABC boards are local independent entities and establish their own policies but must conform to the ABC laws and rules of the ABC commission. The store in Bermuda Run operates under the Triad ABC board. The Cooleemee ABC board regulates the store in Cooleemee.

If the referendum passes, Mocksville would merge their board members, which would be chosen by the town board, with Cooleemee’s board, made up of James F. Wishon Jr., Grimes Parker, and Brent Cranford (chair). The board would then work to determine if placing a store in Mocksville would be profitable or in the best interest of all involved. If they determine it would not, there would be no store.

The resolution passed by the Mocksville board states, “There is no point in expending resources without first knowing whether or not the voting citizens of Mocksville will vote approval of an ABC Store in a referendum election conducted according to law.”

It also states Mocksville was approached by Cooleemee’s ABC board about “the mutually financial benefits that might be derived from the establishment of an ABC store in Mocksville and the creation of an ABC board for Mocksville and the possible merger of the two boards” as permitted by the state.