Bermuda Run roundabout under scrutiny

Published 9:26 am Thursday, July 28, 2016

Adding the roundabout on US 158 entering Bermuda Run was intended as traffic-calming device in an effort to cut down on speeding.

However, after a couple of incidents where vehicles have run through the roundabout and continuing concerns about reducing speed, Mayor Ken Rethmeier said that the town had approved a resolution to conduct a speed limit study on US 158 and NC 801.

“We have long discussed the need to do something to control speed and the apparent lack of attention to what is proper and appropriate when you get behind the wheel,” Rethmeier said. “I think it is badly needed to conduct this study. We knew this had been a problem, and now we are seeing it in particular because of the roundabout and the attention that has been brought to it.”

In last Tuesday night’s Bermuda Run Town Council meeting, Rethmeier said that the town needs to take all steps necessary to keep residents safe on the roads.

Town manager Lee Rollins said that there was an initial report from a traffic consultant in the Davie County Commissioners meeting earlier in the month looking at the corridor of US 158 from Farmington Road – including the proposed high school traffic – up to the US 158 and NC 801 intersection.

“With that data that has been compiled with accidents and traffic counts, to the mayor’s point, we can sort of steer DOT to that data to help us to come up with some solutions to the issues,” he said.

Rollins added that more positive developments have emerged for future planning ranging from meetings with the Tourism Development Authority putting together a strategic marketing plan for the area and the BB&T Soccer Complex contracting the Huddle Group for a feasibility study for its future endeavors.

“All of this will come together nicely as we begin methodically looking at the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan going into 2017,” Rollins said. “Hopefully, we will have all tools available as we begin that process.

Rethmeier said that he spoke recently with Davie County Economic Developer Terry Bralley, who told him that the town will get a final report and briefings from Retail Coach on its work.

“So we’ll actually have three very good pieces of information,” Rethmeier added, “and Lee an I will be sitting down to begin talking with Benchmark Planning about what the Comprehensive Plan process might look like for next year. It’s not like we’re starting over. We want to blend in this new information.”

Rollins said that consideration for the Comprehensive Plan would also be explored for the Walkable Bermuda Run Plan and pushing for an estimated cost estimate for sidewalks on both sections of the gated community along with Kinderton Village.

Rollins and Rethmeier will attend a Transportation Advisory Committee meeting regarding proposed projects in the area and hope the greenway project might be up for consideration

In an action item on the agenda, the council approved an administrative text amendment to make environmental protection regulations consistent with the adopted Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, provide clarity and flexibility for open space requirements and update stormwater mitigation standards.

Erin Burris of Benchmark said that chapters 10 and 12 of the Town Zoning Ordinance were affected by the action. There was a public hearing where no one spoke.

Rollins said that the approval of the text amendment should dispel the “perception that the town of Bermuda Run is anti-growth or hard to deal with.”