Ted Budd a likeable guy

Published 11:18 am Thursday, July 7, 2016

How can you not like Ted Budd, who was recently a runaway winner in the Republican primary in North Carolina’s new 13th Congressional District?

Well, maybe if you are a Democrat… But let’s push that part of the equation aside for now.

First, Budd is not a career politician. Being an outsider undoubtedly plays a big part in his appeal as a candidate.

But there’s so much more to him. Budd, who grew up on a farm along the Yadkin River in Davie County, seems like a regular guy who believes in hard work and talks about faith and family being his priorities in life. Now he has taken it one step further by throwing his hat into the ring because he believes his country is at crossroads and feels compelled to serve and make a difference.

So far, voters have shown their support for the newcomer as Budd tallied twice the number of votes of his nearest competitor in the crowded primary field of 17 candidates.

As one who runs a gun shop and is a true conservative who stands up for the 2nd Amendment, Budd hears about all the arguments about more gun control – particularly with all the senseless tragedies.

The massacre in Orlando last month at the hands of an American-born man who pledged allegiance to ISIS ranks as the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. What could be done to stop something like this from happening?

“First, we have to realize we lost 49 Americans,” Budd said. “We grieve with Orlando over what happened there. When it comes to preventing this, we have to look at from two angles.

“One of them is we have to crush radical Islamic terrorism. We have to be very strong and very direct in how we deal with it. The second angle is dealing with a process problem that happened inside the terror watch list. Omar Mateen was removed from the that list, and he should have been on it as we now know. So what were the deciding factors at the investigative level that failed that when we change the process to leave people like him on that list?”

But what about all the other shootings that seem to occur with more and more frequency?

“Most, if not all, of these shootings take place in areas that are banned from carrying concealed firearms,” Budd said. “Shooters are very aware of where they decide to commit their crimes. Police always come to the scene of the crime, not to the place to prevent one.

“We have to allow Americans to defend themselves, but we have to make sure that firearms aren’t getting into the wrong hands. We should follow current processes they are rigorous enough, but minor changes are needed to tweak with mental illness and the terrorist watch list.”

Budd will be favored to become Davie County’s first-ever Congressman if he can defeat Democrat Bruce Davis, another one of those career politicians, this November in the Republican leaning 13th district, which includes Davie, Iredell, Rowan, Davidson and Guilford counties.

In a recent interview with Budd, I asked a question that generally provides great insight into any individual: If you could have supper with three people of your choosing – dead or alive – who would they be?

His answer, in this order: Ben Franklin, the Apostle Paul and Ronald Reagan.

Interesting choices, indeed.

• • • • •

Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN live from Fort Bragg, N.C. …

Say what?

When America celebrated the July 4 holiday this year, Major League Baseball decided to pay tribute to the national pastime with the first professional game in any sport to played on an active military base.

The temporary ballpark, with roughly 12,500 seats, was built to accommodate the game between the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins. It was also the first Major League game to ever be played in the state of North Carolina.

Following the game, the ballpark was to be converted into a multipurpose facility with 12 athletic fields to be used by servicemen and their families.

But what a wonderful gesture to stage a game like this – honoring and paying tribute to those who serve us and keep our country safe with such an unforgettable experience on the weekend when our country celebrates Independence Day and all the freedoms we enjoy.

It’s was a true “Field of Dreams.”

Jim Buice covers Bermuda Run for the Davie County Enterprise Record and The Clemmons Courier, as well as writing feature articles.