Davie High artists in state exhibition

Published 10:47 am Thursday, April 28, 2016

Davie High School seniors Jordan Fincher and Jacob Rosier and junior Taylor Hurst will have their art work in the 2016 NC Museum of Art Exhibition.

They competed with students from around the state for this honor.

The “Teens, Inspired” exhibition will be on view in the East Building at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh from July 22-Oct. 2. A reception for artists and their families will be held in early fall.

• Hurst’s submission was an acrylic on canvas titled “Dog of Many Colors,” inspired by Beverly McIver.

Hurst wrote: “When I saw  McIver’s painting, Reminiscing, during a trip to the museum, I was immediately drawn to it because of the wide range of colors and how she used them to represent the shapes and values in her paintings. I found it interesting that though the painting was not extremely detailed, it was able to create a vivid image in my head of what she was trying to say.

“Her work inspired me to use this technique to show expression in my own painting. I chose to paint something important to me, which is my old black Labrador Retriever named Dutchess.

“I can barely remember getting her as a pup, and how I’m watching her grow stiffer and grayer every day, but something stays the same. Throughout her life she has always offered the same amount of love, and it has always been something I cherished but sometimes took for granted.

“Beverly McIver used expressive colors to tell stories about her identity and her past, along with the stories of others. I used this idea to tell the story of my dog in my own painting. The array of colors represent that while on the outside she has aged with time, her soul inside will stay colorful forever.”

• Rosier’s submission was titled “Privilege,” inspired by Studio of Hyacinthe Reguad Louis XV.

Rosier wrote: “My inspiration piece mirrors my intended concept of power and contrast. I can feel a wide separation between social classes in society, as seen in the times of Louis XV. Such abundance!

“My modern depiction of upper and lower classes is represented by the tall skyscrapers versus low-end housing. The man sitting on top represents capitalism. He uses the skyscrapers like a throne while admiring his power over both upper and lower class citizens.

“The lack of colors in the buildings represent a loss of creative personality – as if capitalism sucks it up for itself. Have we really moved on from the time of the Monarchs?”

• Fincher’s submission, an acrylic painting “The Faceless Soldier,” was inspired by Michael Richards “Tar Baby vs. Saint Sebastian.”

Fincher wrote: “I was inspired by the piece Tar
Baby vs. St. Sebastian. Going into the military myself, the story behind this piece had a profound impact on me. I’ve always been interested in stories of heroic military acts, but I’ve always imagined what goes through the minds of soldiers at war. Although they are protecting their country, I imagine it is easy to lose sight of what you are fighting for. The man in my painting is faceless because he is losing his identity at war. He is torn because he is forced to weigh human life, and he feels that evil is not so far from his own veins. He realizes that the enemy is just like him – killing so that he does not get killed.”