Coalition for People in Need expanding

Published 3:03 pm Monday, December 28, 2015

Just in time for Christmas, the Davie County Coalition for People in Need recently wrapped up another successful Keep People Warm Campaign for winter.

Hundreds of blankets and seasonal clothing were donated to help keep people warm in what has been predicted to be a frigid and blustery season.

The coalition was originally formed by Linda Barnette and Lisa Nielson.

“I have always felt a strong need to help the homeless as it was a call from God,” said Barnette, who taught school for many years in Davie County but is retired. She is also a “great believer in social justice.”

The group recently expanded the breadth of service to include the impoverished as well as the homeless in Davie County.   

With a master’s degree in ministry, Stephanie Dean is a nurse and facilitator for the group. “The mission of the group is not much different, but a name change was necessary to represent a larger group of people in need.”

Dean assumed responsibility as the facilitator after realizing she could help with collection drives.   “The kudos go to coalition members whose personal commitment to the needy continues to be demonstrated.” Dean said. The faith based coalition is a an alliance of individuals who are dedicated to identifying and meeting the needs of the impoverished and homeless who live in Davie county.

All donations are delivered to A Storehouse for Jesus in Mocksville, an agency that services individuals and works with other agencies to meet the needs of a growing population of people living in poverty.

“Personally, I find more joy in giving than receiving. I’ve come to see how every person including myself is uniquely equipped, either through divine design or personal experience, to give something back to our community. The Bible commands us to help the needy. We live in a very prosperous society, yet poverty and homelessness are still tragic realities. I’m just doing my part,” Dean said.

Planning for spring 2016, Dean will facilitate the “Keep People Fed Campaign.” The weekend for food donations will be the week before Easter on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 17, 18 and 19. Donation sites will be announced closer to the dates.

“I believe the Keep People Warm and Keep People Fed Campaigns are two great ways we can work together as a community to help the impoverished or homeless people living in our county,” Dean said. “The effort and donation need not be great as when we come together, our efforts and donations become huge and have a great impact.”

To become a member of the coalition, go to Facebook and search Davie County Coalition for People in Need.