Left Or Right, U.S. Presidents Are Criticized

Published 10:33 am Thursday, December 17, 2015

Unlike today, our presidents didn’t always have to be so circumspect in their comments. During an Allied conference in 1943 among the great military powers — Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt — the Soviet dictator turned the discussion to what would happen after the war. After they won.

“50,000 Germans — Hitler’s top officers — must be shot,” Stalin said. Churchill objected loudly, according to the outstanding Twitter account I follow daily, RealTimeWWII.

FDR intervened, “Let’s compromise — we’ll only shoot 49,000.”

Churchill stormed off.

Imagine what a Facebook frenzy that would have stirred in 1943.

The fury of angry comments has only started to brew for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. As his poll figures climb, the anger from his opponents gets more shrill. If he eventually wins, his political enemies will go berserk. We’ve been subjected to seven years of crazy and weird comments on social media sites about President Obama, largely driven by the unproven claim that he’s not a native born American.

The political flip-side — the liberals — will do the same for Trump if he becomes President. Their venom will be heaped on any Republican in the Oval Office. When the political winds shift, so does the direction of the anger.

Isn’t it enough to disagree with their policies? Do we have to attack the Presidents’ character?

President Obama seems to be a thoroughly nice fellow even though I’ve disagreed with much of his administration’s actions. He has a beautiful family.

Trump, meanwhile, is the ultimate circus barker and thoroughly entertaining in his brashness and ability to command the stage. Despite his critics wild-eyed claims, he is not a Hitler or a fascist. Those are extreme labels that should be saved for the Devil himself.

The political spectrum’s Rabid Right and Loony Left have something in common: They hate anyone who disagrees with them and wouldn’t acknowledge the sky is blue if their opponent says so.

My friend Jerry King of Cooleemee had some fun with me last week. Since my long-time barber retired a year ago, I’ve let my hair grow. My nearly-white mane is longer now than during my college days.

Jerry slipped me a note during last week’s Madrigal Dinner performed by Davie High students: “Dwight, the new hair style looks like Trump. Only his is blond and thin.”

He isn’t the only to note my “Trump” hair.

I can’t feel too sorry for the fury Trump faces. He led the birther claims against Obama. Maybe he deserves all the abuse he is now getting.

Likewise, President Obama has fired wildly at times. Trying to regulate gun ownership after various mass shootings, Obama’s actions have resulted in a wild backfire. Gun sales have skyrocketed every time the President calls for more regulations.

• • • • •

Which candidate will Davie County favor when North Carolina’s primary is held in March? N.C. Sen. Andrew Brock is Marco Rubio’s state chair. Brock said he likes the Florida senator’s personal success story and youthfulness.

No votes will be cast until February, but the time is narrowing when voters will sort out the fuss. Ted Cruz of Texas has found some traction, but Trump still remains the one to beat on the Republican side.

— Dwight Sparks