Bermuda Run Garden Club earns 219 ribbons at fair

Published 10:09 am Thursday, November 19, 2015

Participation in the Dixie Classic Fair proved successful for members of the Bermuda RunGarden Club.

Entries by club members won 219 ribbons. There were 83 blue ribbons (first place), 65 red (second), 47 yellow(third), 2 pink (fourth), and 22 white (honorable mention). Horticulture specimens, flower designs, container plants, antiques and needle work were entered by club members.

The club won an Award of Merit, an Arboreal Award, and a Best in Show ribbon. These three awards are for superior in categories.

Twenty-six container plants garnered 18 ribbons: six blue and three red. All the money awarded with ribbons goes to the club to support community projects in Davie County.

After celebrating the success, club members turned their attention to preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plans were finalized for the Thanksgiving lunch for exceptional children of Davie County hosted by club members Nov. 19.

The members welcomed Teresa Myers of Myers Greenhouse who showed the club how to plant amaryllis bulbs to bloom for Christmas. This was a hands-on activity.

Mrs. Myers brought amaryllis bulbs that had been pre-soaked in tepid water for 12 hours. The bulb is not covered with water in this pre-soaking stage, just covered about half. The bulbs are drained thoroughly before planting in soil. The container should be 6 inches tall and have space for about one inch of soil between the bulb and the side of the container. Dirt will cover the roots and half way up the bulb. The neck of the bulb will be exposed above the soil in the container.

Once the bulb is planted, water the soil with a cup of water to help the root system develop. Do not water again for a week. Then water about once a week with half a cup of water. A warm environment  may require more frequent watering.  Place the amaryllis container in bright light – eastern, southern, or western exposure. It takes six to eight weeks for the bulb to bloom, so plant the bulb in November to have a bloom for Christmas.

The container with the amaryllis foliage may be placed outside in May after the threat of frost has passed. The foliage will last all summer, feeding the bulb for next year’s bloom. Trim the foliage around the end of August for blooming in the container in December. Place the bulb in a dark place and do not water in this dormant stage.  Remember to replant 6 to 8 weeks before a bloom is desired, starting the process all over again.

Amaryllis bloom naturally if planted in the ground. Do not plant the bulb too deep. The bulb is subject to rot if planted too deep. Mulch the exposed shoulders of the bulb to reduce harm to the bulb from the elements.

Now, garden club members await the red blooms of the amaryllis bulbs to help decorate for the Christmas season.