Davie smoking rate high; health dept. offers help

Published 9:36 am Thursday, October 8, 2015

The N.C. Alliance for Health, QuitLineNC and more than 50 other patient and physician groups, health care systems and state and local leaders are  partnering to hold “Race to Quit, NC.”

The new campaign – which is centered around awareness events being held across the state – is dedicated to connecting tobacco users with the tools and resources they need to quit. A resource for all North Carolina residents is QuitLineNC.

QuitLineNC is a 24-hour 7-day service provided to all North Carolina residents seeking to quit tobacco use by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW. Also a website is available for those who may want to help via the internet by using a web coach, www.quitlinenc.com. There is no fee at any point. The Davie County Health Departments can provide clients more information about this service.

“Smoking and tobacco use is still number one leading cause of preventable death in North Carolina. The North Carolina health care system spends billions of dollars annually on tobacco related diseases,” said David Willard, northwest tobacco prevention and control manager. “Although great strides been made to help lower these issues, with 23 percent of Davie County residents are smokers there is still work to be done.

“We know what works; smoke-free environments and limiting the access of tobacco products to our youth are two major contributors to decreasing the use of tobacco in our community.”

“One out of every five adults in North Carolina is a smoker, meaning that tobacco use is still well above the national average in our state,” said Pam Seamans, executive director of the N.C. Alliance for Health. “We know that the vast majority of smokers have tried to quit and that just seven percent are able to quit without help, so the goal of Race to Quit is to connect smokers with the support they need. Our message is that resources and tools are accessible to help all North Carolinians cross the finish line to a smoke-free life.”

To learn more about Race to Quit, NC and the other awareness events, visit http://www.ncallianceforhealth.org/race-to-quit-nc/. For a list of Race to Quit, NC partners and to access their quit-smoking resources, visit http://www.ncallianceforhealth.org/race-to-quit-nc/.