Triplets helping others with birthday celebration

Published 9:51 am Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throughout September, a donation drive is being coordinated to collect supplies and donations for The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Myers triplets celebrated their 4th birthday Sept. 19, and because they enjoyed helping with Child Abuse Prevention Month so much in April, their parents, Brandon and Robin, decided it would be a perfect way for the trio to celebrate and help the cause at the same time.

“Since they helped gather and carry boxes to Dragonfly from the church collection, Avery and Charlotte have continued to care about the children who come to Dragonfly and as they say ‘have hungry bellies, so we need to get them snacks,” said the children’s mother, Robin Myers.

“Brenden talks about the pond and waterfall (it is soothing) and that ‘kids like the pond lots’. He is proud to remind us how ‘I carried in heavy boxes. I went over and over to the car, for kids who need snacks.’ Our family talked about how we could help children who need extra love, and thought their birthday month is the perfect way to share Dragonfly’s needs.

“Avery, Brenden, and Charlotte have big tender hearts. They teach me so much about simple ways to show love to others,” she said.

“I know from personal experience as a Guardian Ad Litem that the model used at The Dragonfly House for children in crisis is unique and nurturing, unlike the typical shuffle that requires abused children to bounce from hospital, police, and social services,” said Myers. “I wish there was no need for The Dragonfly House, yet everyday a child is brought there afraid and injured needing hope.The Dragonfly House gives that child safety, medical care, nurturing, and begins the healing process.

“Bringing our friends together through the triplets’ birthday is a small way we can love children in crisis. We are grateful for our community friends who are compassionate and are celebrating with us by providing their businesses as drop-off sites.”

Donations of cash, individually wrapped snacks, juice, water bottles, cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, travel size toiletries, soaps, short sleeved new t-shirts, office supplies, etc. can be dropped off at the following locations: Sunnybrook Farm, Southern Ties Boutique, and The Dragonfly House.

The Dragonfly House helps child victims of abuse from birth to 17, making the process less traumatic by using a model which brings all investigators together under one roof at one appointment in the best interest of the child. The center offers ongoing advocacy services, caregiver support, and therapy so the healing can begin. Services are free of charge. The Dragonfly House served 471 local children in the 2014-15 fiscal year alone.

“What a sweet gesture,” said Brandi Reagan, executive director for The Dragonfly House. “We really rely on the community to help us like this. Even little children can help other children by coordinating something like this. The donations and the awareness are both so helpful to our organization.

“It just goes to show you than anybody can make a difference. Perhaps it will inspire others to come up with their own ideas on how they can support us with fundraisers in their office, school, church, club, etc. What a great gift we are receiving for their birthday.

“The community support is essential to our success,” Reagan said. “We appreciate everyone who is participating in this, and we cannot thank the Myers’ family enough.”

The Dragonfly House is a National Children’s Alliance Accredited non-profit agency serving child abuse victims in Davie, Davidson, Yadkin and other counties.

For more information on the organization or Child Abuse Prevention Month, visit or contact Sheila Smith at 753-6155 or The Dragonfly House is a United Way Partner Agency.