Tax notices include more information

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Property owners across Davie have received new property tax notices and the county is making an effort to explain how tax revenues are used in the community.

Not only are amounts due being distributed, but county leaders are communicating how those funds provide for health, safety and welfare.

“It’s no surprise that a tax increase was included in this billing cycle, but we wanted to be proactive by providing factual information to residents who deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent on services in the county,” said County Manager Mike Ruffin.

Initially, inserts were included in all tax notices that explained how every dollar of tax revenue was distributed to key budget categories. In addition, a new web page has been established at that shows the new tax rate, explains the tax notice including tax administration definitions, and details what services are provided in key categories.

In addition, a section devoted to frequently asked questions has been included and residents are encouraged to submit additional questions they would like to see included by emailing

“Property owners are provided with so many services in our community that they may not realize (through the payment of property taxes),” said Ruffin. “We want them to see how much bang they are getting for their buck. Obviously, the primary source of funding for county government  services is property taxes.  Safety and education services receive major funding via tax revenues.  Without these revenues, many of the necessary and critical services in our community would be unable to fulfill their primary responsibilities.”