Powerlifters earn USPA medals

Published 10:13 am Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gym365 Advance sent four powerlifters to represent Davie County and North Carolina in the USPA National Championships in Las Vegas, Nev., July 10-13, bringing home five gold and one bronze medals.

Kenny Allen sponsored the lifters.

Zeb Jones, David Crater, Barry Holt, and Cindy Meeker each qualified at a state or national event.

Jones competed in the 75 kg/165 lb. Junior Men 20-23 Classic  Raw and 75kg/165 lb. Open Men Classic  Raw classes, taking first in both and breaking  state records for bench and deadlift. He totaled 1383.39 lbs., which included a 446.43 lb. squat, 363.76 lb. bench, and 573.20 lb. deadlift.

Crater competed in the 110 kg/242 lb. Open Men Classic  Raw and 110 kg/242 lb. Master Men 40-44 Classic  Raw classes, placing third in the Open Men class and first in the Master Men class. He totaled 1614.87 lbs. which included a 600.75 lb. squat, 429.90 lb. bench, and 584.22 lb. deadlift.

Holt competed in the 100 kg/220 lb. Master Men Classic Raw class taking first place. He totaled 1366.85 lbs. which included a 462.07 lb. squat, 325.18 lb. bench, and 578.71 lb. deadlift.

Cindy Meeker competed in the 67.5 kg/148 lb. Master Women 50-54 Classic Raw class taking first place. She broke state records for squat, bench, and deadlift, American records for squat and deadlift, and the world record for deadlift. She totaled 677.91 lbs. which included a 225.97 squat, 137.79 lb. bench, and 314.16 lb. deadlift.