Bermuda Run roundabout construction in mid-August

Published 9:16 am Thursday, July 23, 2015

BERMUDA RUN – Many are wondering what is going on with the roundabout project entering here from Clemmons on US 158.

Work was completed on the new gatehouse in the spring, but with the arrival of summer and now the second half of 2015, there hasn’t appeared to be much progress lately on the roundabout itself.

“Manager, what’s the status of the roundabout?” councilman Ed Coley asked during the July 14 Bermuda Run Town Council meeting. “I don’t see much activity.”

Lee Rollins, town manager, said that much of the work since the gate construction has been on the perimeter and not as visible to those driving through town.

“Now they’re working on the Twin City Soccer side,” Rollins said. “There’s slope and drainage work that has to be done, which leads down to the pump station owned by Davie County. And there’s some other work in front of Win-Mock.”

Rollins said that work on the roundabout itself will get under way next month.

“As part of the contract, the official work of the roundabout form itself on 158 will not begin until mid-August,” he said. Rollins added that the contract calls for the project to be complete on Nov. 5.

• In business items during the meeting, the council approved a resolution to accept conveyance of the Kinderton Commercial Gazebo and Green from the Hillsdale Group.

In addition to accepting transfer of the property, the resolution also gives the council the authority to record the deed.

Mayor Ken Rethmeier and councilwoman Shirley Cagle both said they were pleased to see the gazebo area finished and also with the recent town activities held there.

“As a village, we now officially have a village green,” said Rethmeier, who noted two civic events where the Special Occasion Band performed on May 30, and the N.C. Brass Band played on June 20.

The council approved an amended audit contract with accountant Eddie Carrick for an additional $2,000 after the town surpassed the threshold of $500,000 expended in the 2014-15 fiscal year for the roundabout project. Since federal highway funds are being used for the project, a compliance audit for the roundabout project is required.

• Rollins said that the town had begun paving projects for the fiscal year 2015-16, starting with the James Way subdivision.

“We’ll be working in other sections as well in areas that areas that were impacted more by the winter,” Rollins told council members. “So if you know of residents in particular areas that have concerns, I would be happy to talk to you or them.”