Davie residents among those with salmonella

Published 9:29 am Thursday, July 2, 2015

A total 197 cases of diarrheal illness associated with eating food from Tarheel Q Restaurant have been identified.

Of these 197, case distribution includes 14 North Carolina counties and six states.

Salmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called Salmonella. People can get Salmonella infection from eating raw or undercooked foods, particularly meat, poultry, eggs or unpasteurized milk.

In recent years there have been more outbreaks caused by people eating contaminated fresh fruits and vegetables. People can also get it from handling pets — including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds or baby chicks, aquatic frogs and turtles — and through contact with tropical fish tanks and pet feces.

Davie County Health Department has had 74 potential cases of salmonella;  17 of the 74 cases have confirmed lab specimens. The other 57 cases have met case definition for the salmonella outbreak.

For current information visit the Davie County Health Department at http://www.daviecountync.gov/index.aspx?NID=658j.