Residents want senior center funds restored

Published 9:48 am Thursday, April 16, 2015

When county commissioners scrapped plans for an $800,000 addition to Davie Senior Services in lieu of a $25,000 study to see exactly what is needed – it ruffled some feathers.

Fred Voreh was at Mocksville Town Board and county commission meetings last week, asking that the money be restored and the expansion started.

Billy Shelton agreed.

“It’s a shame that when one county commission group approves something … then you change the game plan,” Voreh told county commissioners. “You’re spending $25,000 on a study for nothing. You’ve got a lady (Kim Shuskey) there who knows what’s needed.”

Shelton told commissioners that senior services is used by hundreds if not thousands of Davie residents.

“We were surprised the senior center expansion was cut,” he said. “This should be done immediately.”

Shelton said 29.8 percent of Davie’s population is over age 55; 25.3 percent over age 60. That segment of the population is growing, he said.

“A large part of these use senior services. It’s an asset to the county, and a small price to pay for the old people,” Shelton said. “I urge the county commissioners to reconsider this $800,000 expansion in the building. It’s the best money the county can spend.”

Voreh took his plea to the Mocksville Town Board the next afternoon.

Federal funds for senior programs are becoming stagnant, he said, while that segment of the population is growing the fastest.

“We have one of the jewels of anybody around, our senior center. They operate on a little over $600,00 a year,” Voreh said.

“Take a serious look at what you are doing for the seniors here in Mocksville. Every senior in this town pays taxes, and what do we get?”

He asked the board to contribute a minimum of $25,000 to senior services.

Mayor Dr. Francis Slate, possibly the oldest mayor in the country, said all board members are aware of the importance of senior citizens and will consider the request during upcoming budget meetings.