Sheriff’s Dept. hosts county’s first medicine drop box

Published 1:53 pm Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Davie County Sheriff’s Department has installed a prescription drug drop box, the first of its kind in Davie County.

Project Lazarus awarded the department a grant to pay for the box.

“The prescription medication drop box is an effective way to reduce the number of medications that are diverted, misused, or accidentally ingested by children, elders or pets,” said Sgt. Alana Geiger.

The box is at the sheriff’s office at the courthouse, 140 S. Main St., Mocksville, and is open from 8-5 Monday-Friday. Enter the courthouse through the front door and follow directions to the sheriff’s department downstairs.

Pills must be in original containers or sealable bag. No questions are asked. No liquids, radioactive materials, batteries or needles are allowed.

Direct questions to Geiger at 336-936-2944.

“Using a medication disposal drop box also keeps medications out of landfills and water systems, where they may cause a threat to animals and the environment,” Geiger said.