Last day of school June 11

Published 8:41 am Thursday, March 12, 2015

By Beth Cassidy

Enterprise Record

The recent winter weather has wreaked havoc on the school calendar, and Superintendent Dr. Darrin Hartness told the school board last week this is the time of year school administrators are either loved or hated.

The board voted unanimously to approve revised school calendars with make up days for the Early College and all other schools.

For all schools except the Early College, April 3, March 18, May 6, June 10 and June 11 are now regular school days. March 18 and May 6 had been early release days but will now be full days.

April 3 had been a professional day, and the last day for students was June 9, but the last day will now be June 11, an early release day.

At the Early College, students will attend school on March 6, which had been an annual leave day, and March 27 (a full day instead of early release), April 3, 10 (a full day instead of early release), and April 24, and May 22. May 22 will be the last day for students and will be an early release day. April 3 had been a holiday and April 24 was a professional day.

Hartness said 1,025 instructional hours are required, but Davie students far exceed that. A waiver of 1.5 days was granted, which will not have to be made up.

If any days are missed in the future, Hartness said if they fall during the week, school will be held on the following Saturday.

Graduation for Davie High will be Saturday, June 13 at 8:30 a.m. at War Eagle Stadium. The rain date is Sunday, June 14 at 2 p.m.

Early College students will graduate May 23.