Option 3 the choice for East Davie sewer

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, March 4, 2015

By Mike Barnhardt

Enterprise Record

County commissioners on Monday put to rest for now the issue of providing more wastewater service to eastern Davie County.

They unanimously approved Option 3, which will be a forced pump station on the Yadkin River between Bermuda Run and the Greenwood Lakes subdivision.

They also authorized staff to go ahead with studies to determine the best route to get current sewer lines to the new station, and to obtain necessary rights of way.

“Due diligence has been done,” said Commissioner Dan Barrett. “It’s hard … we know some people are still opposed … but you have to make a decision. This is the best decision under the circumstances. It’s the best option we have. This is the best for Davie County moving forward.”

The board also approved a contract with Winston-Salem/Forsyth utilities. That will ensure that the rates Davie pays will be the same as any other user of the system. It also gives Davie a minimum of 5 million gallons per day (mgd), a number noone thinks the county will reach in the foreseeable future, said County Manager Mike Ruffin. That number can be increased of the utility has the ability to handle it.

“For the masses, this is the best we can do,” said board chair, Terry Renegar. “This will take Davie County well into this century.”

The forced main line will go from the new pump station, under the Yadkin River, and connect to the Forsyth system south of Tanglewood Park. The Forsyth utility will take over the lines in that county once constructed.

County Attorney Ed Vogler said the 5 mgd should last the county for 75 to 114 years.

Barrett visited a similar pump station, and said if Davie’s is built the same way, no neighbor will smell anything.

“I think we have made a good decision,” said Commissioner John Fergusson. “I don’t think people will know it’s there once it’s online.”