EDC Funding Comes Under Fire

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 12, 2014


An interlocal agreement between Davie County and Mocksville regarding funding for the Davie Economic Development Commission (EDC) was pulled from the county’s consent agenda last week – and will have to be voted on before the commissioners adopt a budget after a June 19 public hearing.
The agreement has Davie County paying $151,325, Mocksville paying $56,952.
County commissioner Carl Humphrey called the numbers “conspicous,” wondering why Bermuda Run and Cooleemee don’t provide funding.
“If this is good for all of us, why should these two towns be left out?”
County Manager Cecil Wood said that Bermuda Run has asked to become a part of the EDC, and along with providing funding will get voting members on that board. The county commission vote was whether to approve an interlocal agreement between Mocksville and the county.
Cooleemee, according to board member Mark Jones, can’t afford to join.
“I would like to know the logic involved,” Humphrey said, pointing out that Mocksville pays a higher percentage rate than the county. “Somethings not in sync. I would like to say let’s withhold our $150,000 until some logical sense is made. If you’re going to play, you’ve got to pay.”
Jones said the formula for EDC funding was established by past boards. “What are we looking at? Should the county be paying more or the municipalities paying less.”
County Attorney Ed Vogler suggested Mocksville may pay a higher rate because it has more services, and therefore is more likely to land EDC projects.
“You’ve got two municipalities paying zilch. If I was on the town board of Mocksville, I would have a fit,” Humphrey said.
Wood said he could try to find a history of the formula before the budget hearing if directed to do so.
“I guess since I stirred this up, I’ll make that motion,” Humphrey said. After a short silence, Robert Wisecarver made a second to the motion, and it was adopted 4-1, with Wisecarver voting against it.