Grab bars a senior fashion on vehicles?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 6, 2014

A faithful reader from Winston-Salem is getting up in years, and the fear of falling is ever present. Always an innovator and quick thinker, she has done something about it — installing grab bars on the side of her car. She has similar handles in her house to steady her through hallways.

Why not on the car to help negotiate walking on slippery surfaces in garages and parking lots?

She sent me a picture. I told her the idea would never catch on as a fashion option for high dollar cars.

Maybe not, she admitted. But falling is serious business for old folks.

She took her sedan to Mock Tire and guided Craig Mock through the process. He must have been dubious, but she likes the results.

“I hope someone will send them to an auto manufacturer for them to consider with so many people today who are disabled. It could become standard equipment. Or at least a choice,” she said.

She’s hesitant about claiming credit for her invention.

Don’t use my name, she warned me. Just call her “Miss Kitty.”

They probably scoffed at Thomas Edison when he was toying with the light bulb.


Winter Respite Needed

The weekend was wonderful, temperatures in the 60s, before a brief snow hit Monday afternoon and temperatures plunged once again to 20 or less. Too bad the weekend respite from winter couldn’t have lasted longer.

I spent Saturday scattering pine straw. The weekend before I had spread bark mulch for my mother. Bark is easier, I’ve decided.


A Fleet of Kid’s Bikes

It seemed like Christmas Eve. Bewildered, I mused over the complicated instructions for putting together a Big Wheel rider for the grandkids the other day. We only had one riding toy. When the grandchildren visit, usually three at a time, somebody has had to wait their turn. It is misery for the waiter and usually prompts quarrels.

No more.

We had kept watch for a rider at yard sales and consignment shops to no avail. With spring coming, we couldn’t wait any longer to add to our fleet of children’s bikes. A surprising lot of assembly was required.

I am terrible with instructions and tend to jump ahead a couple of steps. With much head scratching I was finally able to assemble the sleek machine with a huge front wheel and a racing flag posted on the back. I am glad I didn’t have that task while the babies were asleep upstairs awaiting Santa Claus.


Russians Up To Old Tricks

Say something nice about the Russians and they let me down. Last week I praised Moscow for conducting a nice Olympics at Sochi. A week later President Vladimir Putin sent his troops to occupy neighboring Crimea. They’re up to their old tricks.

— Dwight Sparks